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What makes Recall different is our highly versatile and motivated staff. We’re curious people who like working with challenging projects. From Strategic planning to operational marketing, we’ve been organizing more than 1000 events in 96 countries since 2007.

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Recall Agency for Shakira

France, Paris - March 2013

kick off S by Shakira in partnership with Sephora

Recall Agency for WAC

France, Cannes - December 2016, 2017, 2018

Internal and PR events for ILTM

Recall Agency for PUIG

Spain, Barcelona - July 2017

Incentive press and influencers trip for PUIG Vela Classica

Recall Agency for Paco Rabanne

France - 2013

National road show for the launch of Paco Rabanne Invictus

Recall Agency for Estée Lauder

NL, Amsterdam - April 2014

Convention Estée Lauder Europe

Recall Agency for Cartier

France - May 2014

National road show for the launch of La Panthère

Recall Agency for Grey Goose

France, Ski Resorts - Winter 2014

Road show in the Alps, 60 events in 3 months

Recall Agency for EY

France, Paris - October 2017

Campus recruitment session in Paris

Caves da Montanha

France, Cannes - June 2017

Brand promotion and happening

Recall Agency for Interxion

France, Cannes - January 2016

Creation of the annual convention

Recall Agency for Amcor

France, Paris - July 2017

VIP trip in Paris

Recall Agency for Gant

France, Paris - December 2017

Creation of an incentive day for the head office

Recall Agency for Renault

France, Paris - November 2017

Trip in Paris for all Renault digital departments of Germany

3000 Slips

France, Auray - Since 2015

Annual charity race against prostate cancer