Rendez Vous IHF

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For 15 years, we help you grow your brands and reach the goals of branding and brand strategy, awareness, loyalty and advocacy. Acting as an extra team member, we help you develop specific marketing deliverables and find a coherent set of actions to build your brand.

We are producer of RENDEZ VOUS IHF, an international luxury hotel forum. We offer an outstanding and efficient experience and enable luxury Hotel and VIP Senior Buyers to create a long-term relationship which will lead to business solutions.

Rendez Vous IHF
Europe and America - Since 2013

International Hotel Forum - Ibiza 2013, Amsterdam 2014, Algarve 2014, Hamburg 2015, Stockholm 2015, Paris 2015, Aosta 2016, Vienna 2018, Jerusalem 2019, Cartagena 2019